Muchi is the name.
twenty one years of age.
BSBA Management/ BS Accountancy

I'm proud to be one!

I'm fond of bipiddy blah-blah-ing
photo blogging is my thang <3

I'll be your creative superhero .

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R E M I N D E R:

Please be reminded that the inappropriate gif that has been uploaded here in my Tumblog recently is not my doing.

Its been more than a year since the last time I logged in. My account has been HACKED by douchebags! I’m very thankful to those who told me about it. I was so shocked when I received those news. Alhamdulillah I got to delete it.

Be careful guys. Change your passwords everytime you can.

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Cameras do lie. Hahaha Pretentious.

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Teheee 😁#heartattack #wtf (at Muchi’s Crib)

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#heartattack  #wtf  

Fluffy. #tbt #2011 #KL #Aquaria

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